Two Classic Horror Storied Retold Feedback

I have set this page aside for those of you who ready my first book in what could become a series if enough of you like it. “Two Classic Horror Stories Retold

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If you could go into the comment section and answer either one or more of these questions and/or give your comments , it would help me decide if I should go in this direction. Putting out good books for the Kindle is the goal.


  • Did you like reading these stories?
  • Would you like more such horror stories retold?
  • Should I limit the number of books retold in each book so as to keep the price down or would you rather see a larger collection at a higher price?
  • Would you recommend this type of book to any friends or family

I would like to know your thoughts. Obviously I hope for good comments on my books page on Amazon so if you can stop by there and leave a comment and a star rating, please do. But go to the comment box below and tell me if you liked this or hated it.

At some point these stories may be combined into a large pdf book as well.

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