An Unfinished Race

James Burne Worson was a shoemaker who lived in Leamington, Warwickshire, England.  He had a little shop in one of the by-ways leading off the road to Warwick.

He was considered to be an honest man, although like many of those in his class in the English towns, he was somewhat addicted to drink.  In other words he was known to tip a few. When he was drinking he would make foolish wagers.

One evening when he had too much to drink he was boasting of his prowess as a pedestrian and athlete. The race would be a match against nature.  For a bet of one pound he planned to run all the way to Coventry and back. This was a distance of a little more than forty miles.

This race occurred on the 3d day of September in 1873.  He left with the man with whom he had made the bet, and was accompanied by Barham Wise, a linen draper, and Hamerson Burns, a photographer followed in a light wagon.

It started out fine and for several miles Worson was running at an easy gait, without apparent fatigue. He wasn’t drunk enough for his power of endurance to fail him.

The three men in the wagon stayed back a short distance, giving him occasional friendly  encouragement and sometimes mocking him.  Suddenly – in the very middle of the roadway, not a dozen yards from them, and with their eyes fully upon him – the man seemed to stumble, pitched headlong forward, uttered a terrible cry and vanished!  He didn’t just fall to the ground – he vanished before touching it.  No trace of him was ever discovered.

The men searched for him but had no luck. Reluctantly they returned to Leamington, told their astonishing story and were later taken into custody.  But they were of good standing and had always been considered truthful, at least when they were sober, which they were at the time of the occurrence,

Nothing ever transpired to discredit their sworn account of their extraordinary adventure, although there was plenty of people who thought them guilty and plenty of others who thought them innocent in the United Kingdom.  If they had something to conceal, their choice of means is certainly one of the most amazing ever made by sane human beings.

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Salem Witches Missing

This story will be of interest to you. You remember the witch trials of Salem? Well it seems some of the bodies of the victims are missing.

The Salem Witches Are Missing

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Robert the Doll

top13 Robert the DollOne of the scariest tales I came across when researching this book was Robert the Doll.

I won’t even put a picture in the book of the doll which some readers have chuckled about. One criticized me but I’m not adding it.

This story is scary. The doll is possessed and neighbors complained to the parents of Robert, he named his doll after himself, that it mocked them when they walked by the house. Robert could be heard talking to the doll. The doll was evil. It was later owned by a little girl who swears to this day that the doll tried to kill her.

If you want to see Robert the Doll you’ll find him at Fort East Martello Museum in Key West. He is kept in a guarded glass box perched on a rocking chair and he has his trusted lion by his side.

Stories are if you want to take a picture of Robert at the museum, you need to ask him for permission. If he doesn’t want you to take his picture, he will tilt his head to one side.  If you take the picture without Robert’s approval, it is said that both you and your family will be tormented with bad occurrences for the rest of your life!

See why I didn’t include the picture? You can read more about Robert the Doll in the book above.

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Haunted House in the News

This is an interesting story as a couple is suing a landlord for their deposit back and to get out of their lease after discovering their house was haunted. They claim they were never told it was haunted but, even if it was, it turns out he would not have had to legally tell them.

The landlord says it is not haunted and is a hoax so they can get out of the lease. He is counter suing.

Watch the video on the page and read the article for more information. Do you think it really is haunted? I don’t know that I have read enough or that the video shows enough to say it definitely is haunted but, then again, I don’t have to live there.

As to the bowling pin, I’d like to know if the investigators set it there or why a single bowling pin sets in the basement. There might be a good explanation. I’m just saying I would have thought someone would have questioned it.

Haunted House in the News

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A Haunted House Attraction that is Haunted

I not only write about the paranormal; I also read about it and watch lots of the ghost hunter TV shows. So once in awhile I come across something in the news I think visitors to this site might like. I’ll pass that along to you.

There is a haunted house attraction in Columbia, Missouri that the owner felt was actually haunted. He called in some ghost hunters to investigate and it seems his thought is correct.

Here is the haunted information. I hope you enjoy it.

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