Village of the Damned – Connecticut

Dudleytown in Cornwell, Connecticut, is another supposedly haunted loacation in the United States and has been called the Village of the Damned.

enquirer 300x234 Village of the Damned   ConnecticutThis now ghost town was built in the mid 1740′s and grew pretty quickly. From the start there were reported murders, suicides and strange sightings. Early on in 1774 six of the settlers contracted cholera (later it was found that the water in the area was contaminated) and one of the founding members of the Dudley family actually went mad.

In 1804 one woman was struck by lightning and another was murdered. All that led to many feeling the Dudley family was cursed and they began leaving the town in the 1850′s.

As in many of these haunted places, a curse is sometimes claimed to be involved. The legend here is that the founders of the town were cursed by the British Royal Family for trying to take possession of the crown.As a consequence, Edmund Dudley was beheaded and a the curse was, so the story goes, placed on the family. It was a curse that the family and their ancestors would have horrors bestowed upon them.

In 1892, John Brophy made an attempt to take up residence in the town and moved there with wife and his flock of sheep. In the months that followed, both the sheep and his wife died of unknown causes. In the 1920s Dr William Clark moved into a summer home in the ghost town, with his wife committing suicide soon after. Before her suicide, she had complained to him of seeing demons.

Video footage is said to have been taken of restless spirits in the area and hikers have reported seeing orbs (balls of transparent light found in photos taken in allegedly haunted places) in the area. Visitors claim that the area is unusually quiet and that there is a lack of wildlife.

You can read more about Duddleytown if you’re interested. Unfortunately the area is now off limits and visitors are not allowed. The police enfore this.

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