Haunted Gettysburg – Pennsylvania

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

gettysburghbattle 150x150 Haunted Gettysburg   PennsylvaniaGettysburg is well known for it’s famous battle, as  rivers of blood flowed during the Civil War. There were actually more soldiers that died at the battle of Gettysburg in 3 days than died in the entire Vietnam War.

In just 24 hours of actual fighting, 51,000 men were killed – that amounts to a staggering one man dead every two seconds. A lot of these men didn’t even get a funeral and their bodies laid on the field and rotted where they fell.

Doesn’t it then make sense that Gettysburg is consider the home to some very angry spirits?

Gettysburg and Northern Railroad Engine House

Employees have claimed to see doors opening and slamming shut. They also say they hear footsteps in the halls. The paranormal team, Ghosts of Gettysburg, called it one of their most haunted spots and has even recorded an electronic voice phenomena of a priest calling to heaven while he’s tending to a wounded soldier.

The Daniel Lady Farm

This is another haunted location that’s home to spirits of the fallen soldiers. During the battles this served as a sort of makeshift hospital. As in many such hospitals during the Civil War and other wars as well, it  was the site of many amputations, disease, and death.

With the help of a psychic, the Ghosts of Gettysburg have communicated with a dead soldier named Isaac Trimble, who directed them to the actual spot where he died. They did additional investigation and found that there actually was a soldier named Isaac Trimble. Using ultraviolet light, the light showed blood on the spot on the floor where the spirit claimed he died.

Tourists have seen the images of generals and soldiers in pictures they have taken, including one that looks suspiciously like Robert E. Lee.

Cashtown Inn

If you head across the town, you will find there are more haunting s that have been reported at the Cashtown Inn. During the Civil War, this inn was ground zero for many soldiers, and was actually the site of the very first casualty of that infamous battle.

Visitors and employees have claimed to have witnessed various kinds of unexplained occurrences at the inn. There’s been a thumping on the doors and floors, lights that keep switching off and on, plus doors locking and unlocking themselves.On top of that, there is also a famous picture from 1905 with a very clear image of a dead man standing at the doorway.

Watch this video and see if you have the guts to stay in this Inn next time you are in Gettysburg.


The Cashtown Inn isn’t the only haunted place you can stay at in Gettysburg.

Gettysburg Hotel

Built in 1797, the Gettysburg Hotel started out as a bank, but it had a lot of different uses over the years. It was a frequent stop for soldiers. Locals and visitors have given numerous accounts of a man standing in the vault, and Ghosts of Gettysburg claim they have communicated with him. TAccording to their reports he man said his name was Culbertson. Once again further investigation revealed a actual soldier from Gettysburg was named James F. Culbertson.

There is a Civil War nurse named Rachel, who lived at the hotel during the famous battle. There have been numerous reports from hotel guests saying they have seen her ghostly figure roaming the halls. Employees of the hotel swear that they have seen carts moving on their own and trays floating in mid air.

Baladerry Inn

Another haunted place you can stay at is the Baladerry Inn, which was once a Union field hospital during the 2nd day of the battle. If you visit there, flip through the pages of their scrapbook, which contains images and experiences gathered from the numerous sightings throughout the years. There are pictures showing two soldiers standing outside, with one of them seen wearing a black armband for Stonewall Jackson. This was a common practice by soldiers at that time.

Confederate soldiers are said to be buried underneath the tennis court at Baladerry, and many are said to have been seen roaming the grounds.

With all this blood and death and disease, it should surprise no one  that Gettysburg is haunted. 51,000 men died all over the city during the three days of battle and could not find peace. It’s said they are unable to cross over to the other side.

There’s no shortage of tourists who have left a haunted Gettysburg, disturbed by the presence of these spirits. That’s just a part of what earns Gettysburg its title as one of the most haunted cities in America.

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