I get lots of questions so I thought I’d answer the ones I get most. These relate to my 13 Most Haunted Places in the United States book.

Q: How did you find so much information on these haunted places?

A: I love haunted stories and got interested in haunted places you can visit right here in the U.S. When I started research I realized there were lots of various conflicting reports so I started reading books and writing places asking for verification. Obviously these are old stories so you can only verify them to a certain point but I tried to include the history that was most portrayed.

Q: I read the book and loved it. Do the criticisms bother you?

A: Of course but it seems ironic that many readers take time to tell me how much they like the book while some who obviously don’t like it post a review. I don’t worry about it like I did at the start but I do read them and if they are valid would correct the book, But I don’t dwell on it. Reading 1 star reviews on other top selling books shows that some never read the books or just skim them. Those reviewers are becoming less valid. In fact when I’m deciding what books to purchase I never read a 1 star review. I read the free portion and make my own decision.

Q: I enjoy your personal comments in the book.

A: Thank you. I like the books to be more on a personal level. I think it turns off history buffs but I’m not a history buff. icon smile FAQ

Q: I’d love to see a single book on the haunting of the White House.

A: I’m working on it since that’s the most requested. I have no idea how long it will take though. But I promise it’s in the works.

Q: Are you really afraid of Robert the Doll?

A: Ha ha ha. I have to say I am but I was also having a bit of fun. But yes, it’s black magic. That scares me more than anything.

Q: Why did you start writing?

A: I’m retired and my wife is on disability and has been since 2001. I needed a way to  pay for her anti-rejection medications and so I started writing. I had written in the past but trying to deal with publishing companies was too much to handle. I want to write the way my readers want me to write, not the way a publisher wants me to.

Amazon opened up the avenue and I love writing. I write fiction under the name B.D. Knight. I use that pen name so my readers don’t get confused as to whether what I’m writing is supposed to be true or fiction. Fiction was a natural because my imagination has always been rampart and now I can bring the stories stuck in there to life.

Q: Why horror?

A: I’ve loved being scared since I was a tyke. Visiting Salem and learning about the witch trials was one of my favorite vacations and I’ve taken some haunted tours and always enjoy learning about the history that started the haunting.

Q: Ever had a ghost experience?

A: I’m not sure. I almost drove over a mountain edge when I was driving in Lake Tahoe when I fell asleep and swear someone touched me on the shoulder and woke me even though no one was in the car. I also thought the ghost of an old lady woke me one night in my old house.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: I’m writing more scary stories for kids. They love them. I’m in the middle of a pure fantasy book right now with the hero’s name Henry Rubble. Having a blast with that one but again, it’s being written for kids. Kids enjoy the stories and my grandson loves them too. It’s just fun. I’m researching new real haunted books but I have none on the back burner at the moment.


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