A Haunted Vacation

ghost with sign A Haunted VacationWhen I started this web site, I had no idea how many people plan their vacations around visiting haunted places. Once I started getting some emails from folks, my eyes were opened.

One of the things you requested is more some spots where there are more haunted places in a relatively close area. So you plan a trip to Ohio and you look for haunted places in Ohio.

One of the things I want to do on this site, and have succeeded in doing in the book I wrote, is to investigate these hauntings and show some of the history behind them which helps explains why these hauntings are taking place. So it takes considerable time to write an article. It took a lot of time to write the book.

So many haunted places show up across the internet but without explanations or any verification. I hesitate to include them.

So my plan is to write separate ebooks along the way that will focus on a state. Ohio will likely be the first one I choose since I live here but I’ll add books as I go along. If you have an area you are interested in, put it in a comment and if there is an interest there, I’ll put it on my list of things to do.

The idea will be to have enough places with the history behind it that maybe putting in an occasional spot that people claim is haunted will work and if you are nearby, you can stop by if your interest peaks.

This is a long term project. But this site will continue to have haunted places added to it that I have been able to delve into.

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