More Haunted Places

I really appreciate the nice comments many of you have sent about my two books on Most Haunted Places in the United States. These books have done very well after a rough beginning when there were editing glitches that slipped past me.

I guess one of the questions I’m most asked is when will there be a third book? I’m working on it but I don’t see that happening soon. The stories I wrote about were documented by many and I was able to do a lot of research before writing about them. Many other so called haunting I have tried to investigate are sketchy.

Now it it hard, obviously, to thoroughly verify these types of things. Ghost sightings always lead way to skepticism. But the stories behind these sightings need to be interesting. In fact it seems many of you have told me they enjoy the history of these places and the stories even more than the haunting people talk about.

I agree. And there is the delay on a third book. I can put out a book talking about the eerie happenings supposedly going on at different places but if I can’t get enough history behind why these are occurring, it just wouldn’t be as good of a read.

I’ll continue working on it. In the meantime I have written many scary stories under the name B.D. Knight. It would be way too confusing to write these under my name because many readers might think they are supposed to be true stories. icon smile More Haunted Places

I’ve written many books for kids and young adults as well. You can see a list of these books at my author page here.

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