Haunted House in the News

This is an interesting story as a couple is suing a landlord for their deposit back and to get out of their lease after discovering their house was haunted. They claim they were never told it was haunted but, even if it was, it turns out he would not have had to legally tell them.

The landlord says it is not haunted and is a hoax so they can get out of the lease. He is counter suing.

Watch the video on the page and read the article for more information. Do you think it really is haunted? I don’t know that I have read enough or that the video shows enough to say it definitely is haunted but, then again, I don’t have to live there.

As to the bowling pin, I’d like to know if the investigators set it there or why a single bowling pin sets in the basement. There might be a good explanation. I’m just saying I would have thought someone would have questioned it.

Haunted House in the News

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